GDPR Software

About Us

As a software development house (our parent company is Impact Technology UK Ltd) we have to comply with GDPR.  When we first looked into how and what systems we needed to tweak to meet the GDPR guidelines we realised what a complex issue GDPR is.

In order to help our teams get up to speed quickly we started pooling GDPR resources and public information together, so that we all had one central place to read and understand, with the latest thinking and news snippets sitting alongside.

This leant itself to being an online development so that the system could be shared throughout the organisation.

As we added more features and functions to make our lives easier, we got over excited and felt this could be a real solution for a lot of companies out there.

We know there is no one solution fits all, and GDPR will never be a case of just ticking a few boxes, however GDPR Software does get you up to speed quickly and gives you a structure with which to follow (i.e knowing where the blinking 'eck to start!)

Once it had been wrapped in our ecommerce solution it provided the mechanism for other users to buy licenses, and join in our journey.

We have enlisted the help of GDPR Consultants and Legal Experts along the way (as we are in no way offering legal advice, or a solution that will magic your organisation into 100% compliance) but they all seem quite hoppy up and downy excited about it, so we take that to be a good thing!

If you spot any errors or scope for improvements please either use the in-built support system or drop us a line at