GDPR Software

How to use our SAR Software

If you haven’t purchased a license you firstly need to add a license to your basket and checkout.  Once payment is made you will be able to access the SAR Software.
To set up our forms to display on your website, log into your GDPR Software account go to Registers > SAR.
Click the ‘Include This Form On Your Website’ button.  This gives you the code snippet that needs to be added to your website.  It can be inserted to display our forms on any page on your website, anywhere on the page.
Before it will work you must authorise your website!
To do this go to Options > Settings > SAR Valid Websites and enter the full domain and page of your website eg click save and your website will be validated.
If you have any issues using our code on your website please submit a support request to us by going to Help > Request Support.  Give us as much detail as you can and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
When a request is made by a data subject the following process occurs:
  1. You get an email notification,
  2. We auto create an entry for you in Registers > Requests for Data.  This is where you manage the request,
  3. We auto create an action that will remind you about this request, 20 days after the request was made,
  4. You must complete the request within 30 calendar days.