GDPR Software


GDPR Assessment

Throughout the whole GDPR process you may have to carry out various types of Assessments for example:

  • Data Audit
  • Data Mapping
  • Risk Assessment

These assessments are required to provide a structured process to analysis data in your privacy network they also help demonstrate compliance to the GDPR framework.

The different types off assessments can be applied to carry out industry standard approaches such as a Supplier Risk/Data Asssessment, SWOT (or SLOT) analysis or a GAP Analysis.

Assessments can be linked to the GDPR framework at each Stage and Section to assist you in becoming compliant.

Some typical assessments are;

  • Data Mapping - What type of data is being collected on the web site
  • Risk Assesment - What process does my IT supplier follow to ensure data security
  • Data Audit - GAP analysis on the Accountants
  • Data Mapping - How is data being collected and then used by marketing

Each assessment can have any number of assessment items for example a Data Mapping Assessment looking at what type of data is being collected on the web site, may consider a number of items within that scope for example;

  • Data collected at registration
  • Data collected by cookies
  • Data collected by checkout
  • Data collected by contact us form

For each of these items within the assessment, data types can be mapped and ownership given to a GDPR contact who becomes responsible for that data within that item.  See help on the GDPR Assessment Editor for more information.