GDPR Software


GDPR Data Recipients

Use the GDPR Data Recipients section to create a complete list of all the types of recipients that your organisation sends data to that it processes and/or stores.

You can Load Sample Data to give you some ideas of types of data recipients that you may deal with.

Make sure if you are using Sample Data that you have customised the data to fit in with your organisational and operational structure, remove any that are not relevant and add in any data recipients not listed.

This list will be used in the Process Register, when you define all the recipients receiving data from that process (ref Article 30)

Some examples are:

  • Data subjects themselves.
  • Relatives, guardians or other persons associated with the data subject.
  • Current, past or prospective employers of the data subject.
  • Healthcare, social and welfare advisers or practitioners.
  • Education, training establishments and examining bodies.
  • Business associates and other professional advisers.
  • Employees and agents of the data controller.
  • Other companies in the same group as the data controller.
  • Suppliers, providers of goods or services.
  • Persons making an enquiry or complaint.