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GDPR Documents

The Documents and Policies list is where you can store all related documents that you create throughout your GDPR journey.  If you have a non trial license you can download 34 sample documents to cover key requirements within the GDPR framework.  Each sample document will need customising to meet your operational needs.  You can use the Autofill lists to help speed up this process for example filling out the Company Name, Address, etc. all automatically.

NOTE: Using the sample data, each document title is prefixed with the framework stage and section on which that document is relevant for example;

Sample Document 01-01: Privacy Officer

You can use this as a related document to meet Stage 1 - Section 1 in the framework questions, provided you implement that document within your organisation.

When creating a new document you can define the following:

  • Document Title: Free text
  • Document Type: A pre-filled list which you can customise using the Lists Document Types option
  • Assigned To: A pre-filled list which you can customise using the Lists GDPR Team Members option
  • Document Detail: A HTML editor to create, edit and update your document

NOTE: When using the HTML editor you can make the editor window bigger by dragging the arrow in the bottom right of the editor window or make it full screen using the Maximize icon from the editor toolbar.

The is an option to upload a document by ticking the Upload checkbox.

You can upload files of the following types - jpeg, jpg, png, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx

Each file can not be greater than 2Mb and once you exceed your allocated storage space the upload option is disabled until you delete some of your files or upgrade your storage space.

Save: Click this button to save the Document and close the window.

Close: Click this button to discard any changes to the Document and close the window.

Delete: Click this button to delete the Document, you are asked to confirm deleting, clicking Yes will delete the Document and close the window.

PDF: Click this button to generate a PDF of this Document.

HTML: Click this button to generate a HTML report of this Document in a new window.