GDPR Software


GDPR Manage Users

If you have purchased a multiuser license then other users can also work on your GDPR framework.

Users must first register on the web site using the create account page,  They need to enter their name, email address and the GDPR License Key which can be found under the Options Menu -> Settings.  Once registered the Manage Users table will list all users who wish to have access to your account.  Initially all users are given a Access Status of Not Authorised.  It is up to the Account Holder to grant access to users who have made a request.  Users can be turned on/off at any time by the Account Holder.

To set the Access Status of a user, under the Action column select the Edit icon, the Access Status can now be set to one of the following;

  • Not Authorised - The user will be prevented from accessing your account
  • Authorised - The user will be allowed to access your account, multi-users have the following restrictions
    • The cannot access the Settings menu option.
    • They cannot access the Mange Users menu option.

Select Save to set the access status or Cancel  to abandon any chnages and close the form down.